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Eco-Friendly Products for a Cleaner Environment

At Spazi Puliti we proudly use locally sourced cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment. Below are a few of these products that we'll be using to clean your home or office.


Citru-Kleen™ is an EPA (DfE) approved multipurpose cleaner specially formulated with 100% eco-friendly ingredients to produce phenomenal cleaning without using harsh, environmentally damaging or toxic chemicals, artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes. When used in a spray & wipe process this powerful citrus based formula will easily emulsify soils allowing them to be lifted and wiped away without leaving streaks or surface dulling.

Auto-Chlor System GK-2 Glass and Surface

Auto-Chlor System GK-2 Glass and Surface Cleaner is an environmentally responsible ultra concentrated, non-ammoniated formulation for cleaning hard surfaces without leaving streaks or haze. It dissolves grease, grime and other residue, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. GK-2 Glass and Surface Cleaner is an effective daily cleaner and can be used on most surfaces including glass, chrome, vinyl, countertops, mirrors, stainless steel, porcelain and plexiglass.

Auto-Chlor System GK-4 No Rinse Floor Cleaner

Auto-Chlor System GK-4 No Rinse Floor Cleaner is an environmentally responsible formula designed to clean, degrease and deodorize quarry tile and grout and other porous surfaces. The biodegradable surfactant blend quickly penetrates and removes surface soils. The enzyme enhanced components in GK-4 No Rinse Floor Cleaner penetrate into grout and tile pores and safely digest trapped soils. The specifically selected enzymes in GK-4 No Rinse Floor Cleaner continue to consume organic soils after mopping has stopped. As the grease and soil are removed from the grout, the color lightens and odors are eliminated.

DC 33

DC 33 a phosphate free formulation designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorization, and disinfection specifically for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, food processing plants, food service establishments, office buildings, lodging establishments, retail businesses, athletic/recreational facilities, sports stadiums, amphitheaters, convention centers, and households where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross contamination.

Distilled White Vinegar

White vinegar is a great natural way to remove stains and odors from areas where food is stored and cooked, specifically your microwave and refrigerator. Being that is it 5% acetic acid, it is affective in all of its cleaning purposes, but still safe enough to use as a salad dressing.

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