Maintenance cleaning New Castle, Kirkland,Bothell


The Maintenance service is design to help you maintain your home clean and is available after your initial deep cleaning service. We will setup a reoccurring cleaning schedule, at your choice of weekly, biweekly or monthly. Pricing is based on reoccurrence among other factors. Having a recurrent schedule will allow you to relax in your clean home and focus on what´s important.

What's included on a Maintenance Service? (Link)

House Cleaning one-time-cleaning Federal Way, Kent.jpg
Schedule a one-time cleaning if you just need some help getting caught up, or you want to give our service a try.
Deep Cleaning / Custom Cleaning Kent, Renton
For tougher jobs or custom jobs, schedule a Deep Cleaning.
We offer a specialized deep cleaning service that goes beyond a maintenance cleaning. For this service you are welcome to add specific items to the service like, laundry, interior window cleaning, interior refrigerator cleaning and specific cleaning request. Don't see what you need here?
Spazi Puliti will work with you on a custom order to suit your needs.
Move in Move out Cleaning Seattle, Shoreline
Moving is a tough job all on its own. Let us handle the cleaning for you, so that you can situate in your new home with one less thing to worry about.
This cleaning service applies to a vacant homes that need to be made move-in ready for tenants and landlords, Customers who book our move-in, move-out house cleaning benefit from a top-to-bottom cleaning that includes inside cabinets, drawers, face vents, inside kitchen appliances, interior cleaning of the windows and more.
We unfortunately do not offer shampoo carpet services or garbage removal services.
Click here for more details (Hiperlink Move Out POD & Stipulations)
Post-Construction Cleaning Kirkland
Construction jobs can leave quite a mess. The objective of this service is to have your home post-construction debris free, for you to be able to enjoy your home again. This means no dust on the furniture or cabinets,clean window and more. Some restrictions apply, please contact us to go over the job details.
Pre-sale Detail Cleaning Issaquah
This cleaning is very similar to a move-out/move-in, it’s a combination of a Move-out and Deep Cleaning, because it may or may not have furniture. Customers who book this service want to have the whole interior of the property not just cleaned, but detailed.